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Take a look at all the exciting events coming up - and there's still space on the calendar for you to book the CCC for your next project!


(SoS) – SUMMER of SOUND at the CCC

JULY and AUGUST 2023

The CCC is sending out an SoS!!

No, we’re not in trouble…. we’re inviting you to join us for SoS – our Summer of Sound!

During the months of July and August it’s all about sound.


There are two threads to SoS: 1. Sound Installation and 2. Sound Events

1. Sound Installation

Inside “Claire’s Garage” throughout July and August we are building and playing a community sound installation. The installation is comprised of whatever you … yes YOU … bring

to create it! ANY sound-making object, instrument or device is welcomed, as is any sound amplifying gear. This installation is a changing, growing, morphing entity of sound.

2. Sound Events

Performances, workshops, talks and other sound-focused experiences are offered throughout SoS. Deep listening sessions, sound-walks, music, science lectures … We are open to all sound-based ideas.

Some events are available for Global participation via Zoom.

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