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An introduction to the CCC community.


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Claire Elizabeth Barratt profile photo for her bio.

Claire is an international interdisciplinary artist. She is the director of Cilla Vee Life Arts, a cross-disciplinary arts organization. She holds an MFA in Creative Practice and is the creator of the Living Art performance pedagogy and practice method. She performs under the artist moniker Cilla Vee.

Claire Elizabeth Barratt

Founder and Director

Chloe Harnett-Hargrove's profile photo for their bio.
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Chloe's background is in zine production, comix drawing, and graphic design.


​Occasionally (as in when she gets up the nerve), Chloe enters art shows with her comic work. Most recently, she was a semi-finalist in Broken Pencil's Indie Illustrator's Death-Match.

Chloe Harnett-Hargrove


Geo Lynx's bio photo.
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Geo’s many talents and abilities include: Construction and restoration, carpentry, stained glass, metal work jewelry, instrument making and playing, generative video art and performance. His experiences range from restoring stained glass windows to multi-media performance collaborations.

Geo Lynx


Roger Munch's bio photo.
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Roger Munch can best be classified under: “Imaginative Diversified Enterprises”. He has a BA,  MFA & Med in art, is a teacher, sculptor, printmaker, mark maker, modelmaker, illustrator, and fabricator, having shown in NY, NYC, NJ, KY, and NC. He has written books of poetry and is an avid supporter of creative synergistic collaborations. Helping to bringing artists together to create new friendships and possibilities brings him much joy.

Roger Munch

Human Resources Coordinator (AKA That Guy!)


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robyn thomas about thumbnail

Robyn Thomas is an interdisciplinary painter based in Providence, RI with a PhD in Artistic Research from Plymouth University, UK. Throughout her residency, Robyn will be engaging with the  Asheville creative sector and CCC community in a series of activities – beginning with a BONFIRE and culminating in a HAPPENING!

Robyn Thomas

Reframing Perspectives: Considering Change with Compassion


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Mary Cassat's Paintbrush

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Poe's Raven


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