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Need some quick answers? Check out the FAQs!

  • What are you again?
    We are a venue for artists of all kinds, located in Asheville, NC. We were founded to support Asheville's art and performance scene in all of it's forms.
  • Where are you again?
    We are located in a residential neighorhood, 2 minutes from downtown Asheville, NC. For directions, whisper the secret word into your provided envelope. Or just get in touch through one of the conventional ways. :)
  • What kinds of creatives present here?
    All kinds. Seriously. We love to see everything from photography exhibits on dog noses to live butoh improv to lectures on the beauty of genomes. We're used to the most marginal, most fringe presenters as well. ;)
  • Are there any rules while presenting here?
    Just don't hurt or kill anything. We assume you know this already. I mean, you can emotionally hurt us with your dance performance on internal struggles if you want...
  • I wanna present! How can I get involved?
    So happy to hear it! Use the contact form at the bottom of the page or get in touch with us via email, Facebook, Instagram, or throwing paper airplanes at us from the street.
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